Boiler Servicing​

Looking after your boiler needs

Comprehensive cover with ZERO excess for call outs

We have two levels of Home Emergency Cover to make sure your home is protected in almost all emergency situations. Our cover protects your central 

Your annual boiler service 

Keep the heart of your home working effectively by getting your boiler serviced with Utility Point and our partners, Northern Gas Heating, for just £63.99 when you take out our 5-year plan!

With our 5-year plan, you no longer have to worry about remembering to book your annual boiler service or trawling the internet for a reliable company. We’ll remind you to book your service at a time and date to suit you each year and you’ll know your boiler is being looked after by the best, fully qualified, gas safe engineers in the business.

Plus, when you choose this plan with Utility Point, your 5th boiler service is on us, which makes each service just £63.99. You can also opt for a one-off annual boiler service, which is just £79.99.

Our annual boiler service and safety inspection covers:





Boiler Servicing - Boiler
Boiler Servicing - Pipes-min
Boiler Servicing - Advice-min

Why service your boiler each year?

Have you ever stepped into the shower only to discover there’s no hot water or woken up to a house so cold you can see your breath because your boiler stopped working? You can help avoid these nasty surprises by having your boiler serviced by a gas safe engineer at least once a year.

Gas appliances need regular servicing to ensure they are working efficiently and to keep you and your family safe. Many manufacturers also require them to maintain their warranties. The easiest and most cost effective way to ensure you remember to service your system annually is to organise a Utility Point and Northern Gas Heating 5-year service plan.

If your boiler is more than 10 years old, it may be time to think about an energy-efficient replacement with no upfront cost. Find out more about our brand new boilers and payment plans here.

5 years for the price of 4 - Exclusive

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12 month boiler service

£79.99 per year (Equivalent to £6.66/month)

A one off boiler service arranged at a time to suit you
5 year annual plan requires advance payment

4 x £79.99 a year with 5th year FREE (equivalent to £63.99 a year or £5.33 a month)

We will remind you every year that your boiler needs servicing

What The Service Includes:

Inspection of your boiler and controls to make sure they’re working properly.
The boiler is checked for corrosion and leaks.
The casing is taken off your boilers to inspect the main components.
Checked to ensure it’s at the correct pressure.
The flue is tested to make sure it’s not emitting any unsafe fumes.
The parts are cleaned (if tests indicate they need it).
​The casing is put back on and seals checked.
You’re left with a checklist of information about your boiler’s safety.