Quarterly Performance Reporting

How we’re doing with customer satisfaction

Like any growing business, Utility Point takes its customer feedback seriously, whether it’s good or bad. We do this in a number of ways, including inviting you to share your experience using independent, industry recognised review sites and listening to teammates who interact with you on a daily basis.

We recognise we won’t get it right all the time, so we look at customer complaints and publicly report our figures (see table below) to make sure we continue to improve and provide you with an exceptional experience.

Recently, we’ve looked at and improved the following as a result of your feedback:

  • Launched a new website with a much improved user experience
  • Altered our moving home process to help make things a little easier
  • Launched our online renewals process, helping combat all those paper letters
  • Re-vamped our usage reviews to actively mitigate bad debt
  • Re-vamped our priority services register to help our vulnerable customers
  • Added new products, including boiler servicing and replacements

More exciting changes are in the pipeline, including new products and services, all designed to help you power UP your everyday.

Quarterly complaints data

Reporting period Complaints received Complaints resolved Resolved per 100k customer accounts Resolved the same or next working day Resolved in 8 weeks
Q4 2018 350 350 420 86% 100%
Q1 2019 376 375 303 89% 100%
Q2 2019 206 204 114 84% 100%
Q3 2019 395 382 188 96% 100%
Q4 2019 823 817 411 84% 100%
Q1 2020 1962 1566 741 67% 80%
Q2 2020 793 694 351 58% 88%