UP Support Energy Tariff – How It Works

Published on April 6, 2020

New energy tariff supports those in need during covid-19​


Utility Point is pleased to announce the launch of our new UP Support energy tariff.

Our UP Support tariff has been designed to help people during this difficult period of great uncertainty. Anyone choosing to switch to UP Support will benefit from half price energy for the first three months. We will pay the other half of your energy used during your first 3 months for you.

“In light of the current situation we thought it essential to help the wider community during this period of uncertainty. This ensures we give something back to people who find themselves currently worrying about their finances,” said Ben Bolt, our CEO and co-founder.

Our tariff is available for everyone*, especially those who may see their income reduced, but energy usage increase, while isolating or working from home.

“The main aim of UP support is to provide customers with some financial breathing space. It also has the benefit of being fixed, which means that their prices will not increase through the next winter,” said Ben.

How UP Support works

When you join Utility Point on UP Support, we will pay for half of your energy usage for your first 3 months. This is our way of helping you through these challenging times.

We start by calculating your forecasted energy costs then divide this by 12, this provides your average monthly payment amount. You will pay half of your monthly payment for the first 3 months. Within 30 days of raising your 3rd monthly bill we will apply a one off credit to your account for half of your energy used during your first 3 months.

The below graph illustrates how this will works.

The above example illustrates the payments for a customer with an annual cost of £1200. £1200/12 months = £100.00 per month. For the first 3 months the customer will pay half of their monthly Direct Debit £100/2 = £50.00

Specific Terms and Conditions for this tariff

These Terms and Conditions are in addition to our standard Terms and Conditions which can be found here.
Within 30 days of your 3rd monthly statement being issued we will apply a credit equivalent to 50% of the total cost of these 3 bills, provided all due payments have been made on time and meter readings provided in line with our standard Terms and Conditions.

There may be occasions where industry data is unavailable when you first join us which can mean a delay to your first bills being issued. The credit will be applied once all information is available and will continue to be based on the cost of your first 3 monthly statements.

Whilst your initial direct debit is discounted by 50%, the value of your discount is likely to be different given that the discount will be based on your billed amount. We will complete a periodic Direct Debit review as per our standard Terms and Conditions, and will factor in the credit we have applied for half of the first 3 months of your usage when completing our calculations.

This offer has limited availability and may be withdrawn at any time.

*Please note this tariff is not suitable for Prepayment meters and non-standard credit meters (E.g. Economy 10)