Fuel Mix Disclosure

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Fuel Mix Disclosure

All energy companies are required to tell their customers about the mix of fuels they use to generate the electricity and the impact this has on the environment.

The table below shows how we produced electricity from 01/04/2017 – 31/03/2018.

We keep the figures on this page updated in line with the publishing dates of the Government’s fuel mix data disclosure data table, as defined in the Electricity (Fuel Mix Disclosure) Regulations 2005.

FuelUtility Point Ltd Power Fuel MixUK Fuel Mix for comparison
Natural Gas41%41%
EmissionsUtility Point LtdUK
Emissions CO2 g/kWh
waste g/kWh

What is a Fuel Mix Disclosure certificate

Each energy supplier is required to produce a certificates to show how the electricity we provide to our customers is generated.

Very few companies outside of the Big Six generate any electricity themselves . Utilitypoint are no exception, we buy it from the market which includes a mix of all the energy generation
from one big pot including a growing number of renewables sources Inc wind and Solar.

That currently looks like this, with about 30% of all power coming from renewables:

Energy SourceCoalNatural GasNuclearRenewablesOther
Fuel Mix (%)7.741.

Please note, figures are rounded

Carbon Dioxide Emissions (g/KWh):The weighted average of the carbon dioxide emitted in the production of electricity from each fuel source. This is calculated on
the basis of figures provided by BEIS (details of these can be found at the BEIS website).

Radioactive Waste (g/KWh):The radioactive waste, being fuel burnt in the reactor to be subsequently discharged as spent fuel. This is calculated on the basis of
figures provided by the BEIS (details of these can be found at the BEIS website).

For more information on the environmental impact of your electricity supply write to us at UtilityPoint Limited, Merck House, Seldown Road, Poole, Dorset, BH15 1TW

Utility Point total emissions (g/kWh) are 231.36 based on our percentages. And the total nuclear waste is 0.0014 g/kWh.

Source: Fuel Mix Disclosure Data Table 01/04/2017 – 31/03/2018