Moving Home & Bereavement

We know there’s lots to think about when moving home, so we try to make it as pain free as possible for you. If you’re already a Utility Point customer, we can ‘move’ with you.
Simply send us an email or give us a call on 03455 57 78 78 (option 1) before your moving date, and we’ll talk you through it.
We’ll need to know the following information:
Current property
• Your moving out date.
• If you know who’s moving in or who will be responsible for the property once you’ve moved out.
• Your closing meter readings (after you’ve move out of course). This is so we can end your usage at the correct point. 
New property
• Your moving in date (if it’s different to when you’re moving out). It takes us 21 days to get your new property on supply so the more notice you give us the better.
• Where you’re moving to.
• Whether you need gas and/or electricity.
• A bit of information on your new place, so we can estimate your usage and adjust your new payment if needed.
• Your opening meter readings (once you’ve moved in). This is so we can again start you off at the right point.

Of course, we’d love to ‘move’ with you but if you want to end your Utility Point contract please email or call us with the following information:
• Your move out date.
• If you know who’s moving in or who will be responsible for the property once you’ve moved out.
• Your closing meter readings (after you’ve move out). This is so we can end your usage at the correct point and send out an accurate final bill.
• Please remember not to cancel your Direct Debit, this can delay your final payment or refund that may be due. You may also be subject to additional charges.
Don’t forget as a Utility Point customer you have access to a range of benefits including great savings and rewards programme.

We know this is a difficult time and we will do everything we can to support you and get things sorted.

What do I need to do?

Please contact us using the appropriate contact route which can be found below, please make sure you have all the necessary information to hand.

Information required

This includes:

  • Details of the person who has passed away – their address, the date they died and their customer reference number (if you can find it).
  • An up to date meter reading for the property
  • Details of whom is responsible for getting all the affairs in order – their full name, address and phone number. This will normally be the executor if there is a will, or the administrator if there is not.

We would also like to know if you expect to get a grant of probate or administration, and when this might be. (That’s the right to make decisions about the deceased’s property.) But you do not need this before you can get in touch with us.

How to get in contact

To close the account or put it in another name, email our support team at

Or write to us at:

Utility Point Ltd,

Floor 7,

Merck House,

Seldown Road,



BH15 1TW

If you decide to write to us or email us, please include the information we asked for above. We will also need a certified copy of the death certificate and what you would like us to do with the account. (You might need us to close the account or put your name on the account.) But make sure you only send us a certified copy of the certificate – we cannot return anything we get in the post.

When you contact us, one of our bereavement team will tell you everything in more detail, but here are a few examples below that you can expect to happen in different situations.

If there is someone else living at the property

If they are already named as an account holder, we will just change the name on the account.

If they are not:

  1. They will need to get in touch
  2. We will require either their verbal or written consent before we can put the deceased’s estate account into their name
  3. We will make the appropriate changes

If the property is going to be sold

  1. We need a meter reading from as close to when the customer passed away as possible. If you cannot get this, we can use a current meter reading or estimate the reading based on previous readings from the property.
  2. We will send a bill. We will send the bill to the solicitors or whoever is dealing with the account. This bill is to give you the information you need to apply for a grant of probate.
  3. We will put a hold on the account. We do not want you to get any unnecessary contact from us. But we will contact you from time to time for updates on what is happening with the property.

What if someone inherited the property?

Then they will need to set up a new account for gas and electricity. Email our support team at and we’ll sort this out.

If the property has a pay as you go meter

We will have to open a new account in the new account holder’s name. Get in touch with our support team to order a new key or card for your meter.

The current key or card might be collecting debt, so if you get a new card you will not have to pay off any debt that you are not responsible for.