Renewing your energy FAQs

Including questions on the renewal process, your tariff options, and exit fees.

Renewing your contact with Utility Point is easy. Simply follow the 4 steps below and we’ll take care of the rest:

1) We’ll send you a renewal email with everything you need to know around 42 – 49 days before your contract comes to an end

2) Choose from the tariffs our energy experts have selected for you based on your consumption. You can view more tariffs by visiting your online UP account

3) Let us know which tariff you’d like to renew with by logging into your members account and selecting ‘renew’

4) Sit back and relax. We’ll handle everything from here and send you a confirmation email with all the details of your new tariff and contract

If you don’t let us know which tariff you’d like, we’ll automatically move you onto one of our highly competitive tariffs (we’ll send you all the details in a confirmation email).

If you spot something that isn’t quite right on your renewal, let us know as soon as you can so we can correct it. You can find the different ways to get in touch on our contact page. 

When your renewal period comes around, we’ll email you the great value tariff(s) that we think you’ll benefit from based on your usage. You may also be able to switch to one of the tariffs available on our website during your renewal period.

If you’ve received a quote for a tariff on a letter, the prices quoted will have been correct at the time the quote was generated, so may have changed as energy prices are always going up and down. Rest assured we’ll still offer you the most competitive tariff available when you get in touch.

If you’re not sure which tariff is the right one for you, please don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable renewals team who will be happy to chat through your options.

Please note, not all tariffs displayed on our website are available to everyone due to things like meter type and where you live.

As energy prices change all the time, it’s unlikely the tariff you’re currently on will still be available at renewal.

However, we always have a selection of great priced tariffs available and, to help make things nice and easy, we’ll even send you details of the tariff we think will work best for you based on your energy use.

From the date your renewal period starts, you’ll be able to see the available tariffs each time you log into your online Utility Point account. You can then choose any of these tariffs and renew online.

Please bear in mind that these tariffs will be correct at the time you log in but may only be available for a limited time and are subject to change.

So, if you see a tariff you like, renew there and then!

Your Direct Debit may change when you switch to a new tariff to ensure it’s in line with your usage and current charges.

We’ll always let you know at least 10 days in advance of any changes.

Yes, you can still renew even if you’ve missed your renewal date. We’ll put you on to one of our competitive tariffs so there isn’t any disruption to your supply but you’re free to choose another tariff if you spot one you would prefer.

We’ll have sent you details of your renewal and new tariff when your contract was coming to an end and you can check your current plan on your online member account at any time.

You can renew your energy contract and pick a new tariff through your online account using the ‘Renewal’ tab.

However, you can only do this if you are within your renewal period, which is 49 days before your current contract ends.

49 days may seem like quite a long time, but it’s to make sure you have plenty of time to weigh up your options and choose the best deal for your energy needs.

If you’re in the 49-day renewal period and are having trouble renewing online, please get in touch and our friendly customer service team will be happy to help.

Energy tariffs can change at any time, which means a tariff you were offered at the beginning of your renewal period might not always be available later down the line.

To avoid disappointment, we highly recommend signing up for a tariff you like the look of straight away.

If you’ve received the wrong renewal pack, please let us know by emailing (don’t forget to include your name, address and member number, which starts UPD, when you get in touch).

While we’d love for you to stay with us, you’re free to move to another supplier without having to pay any exit fees after you’ve received your renewal notice from us.

Once we receive all the information we need from your new supplier, we’ll send you a final bill or statement.

Don’t forget, if you switch to another energy supplier, you won’t be able to take advantage of your member benefits, including exclusive discounts at thousands of retailers!

As long as it’s 49 days or less before the end of your contract, you won’t be charged an exit fee whether you choose to stay with us on a new fixed tariff or move to another supplier.

If you want to end your contract with us earlier than 49 days before the end of your contract, you may be charged exit fees, depending on your chosen tariff.

So we can offer our members the best prices for their gas and electricity, we buy energy in advance. When a member leaves early, we may need to sell the energy back, which incurs additional costs. An exit fee helps us cover this.

It’s important that you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re receiving the very best service from your energy supplier.

If you ever feel you need support with your energy, remember we are here to help in any way we can, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.