Switching to Utility Point

It only takes a couple of minutes to get a quote and join UP. After you’ve completed our switching form online, we’ll take it from there.

We’ll get in touch with your current supplier and arrange a transfer date with them. The only other thing we’ll need from you is an opening meter reading, which we need 5 days before you’re due to come on supply with us. Don’t worry we’ll send an email reminder for this.

The whole process should only take around 21 days from start to finish.

We’ll keep you updated on what’s happening throughout the process by email, but you can also login to your online account to track how your switch is getting on at any time.

Just joined UP? Here’s what happens next:

Step 1. Once you’ve registered online, we’ll email your Welcome Pack within 24 hours. It contains your contract with Utility Point with detailed terms and conditions. It will also confirm your expected switch date, Direct Debit amount and first payment date.

Step 2. You’ve got a 14-day ‘cooling-off period’ during which time you’re free to change your mind and cancel your switch without incurring any exit fees, so please check all the information carefully.

Step 3. We’ll contact your current energy supplier and inform them of your request to move over to us. 5 days before your switch date we’ll ask you for your opening meter readings.

Step 4. When we receive your opening meter reading(s), we’ll pass them onto your previous supplier so they can generate your final bill. Your closing reading with them should match your opening reading with us so you won’t be charged twice for the energy you use. It also means that we’ll start at the right point when working out how much you’ve used with us. That way there’ll be no confusion or nasty surprises on your statements!

You can submit your opening readings as well as your regular monthly meter readings through your online account where you’ll also be able to review all your energy statements, usage and your tariff details.

It’s that simple!

Switching energy suppliers is usually a pretty straightforward process. However, sometimes energy suppliers can accidentally switch the wrong energy supply instead of yours. This is called an ‘Erroneous Transfer’ and happens in about 1% of all switches.

When you tell us you’d like to switch to us, we start the process by matching your details to the address held in a central industry database (all energy suppliers do it like this) but sometimes this information isn’t 100% correct – especially for flats or new build homes.

This is why it’s important to always double check the information that we hold is the same as the information that you do, such as your MPRN (for electricity), MPAN (for gas) and meter serial numbers, so we can identify any problems as soon as possible. If there are any differences, please let us know asap.

If an erroneous transfer does happen, we’ll put things right as quickly as possible, at no cost to you, and will keep you in the loop while the erroneous transfer is being corrected.

Utility Point is signed up to the Erroneous Transfer Customer Charter (ETCC) a voluntary code of conduct ensuring that all electricity and gas suppliers promise to protect you if a switch has been initiated by mistake. You should never be out of pocket as a result of an erroneous transfer and you should continue to pay your old supplier, as normal.

We aim to fix erroneous transfers within 21 days.

Objections to switches can happen from time to time, but it’s nothing to worry about.

If your current energy supplier raises an objection to your transfer over to us, we’ll email you to let you that this has happened.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to fix this from our side. You’ll need to contact your current supplier to find out the reason for this objection and how to resolve it.

The most common reasons are that you have been with your supplier for less than 28 days or there may be an outstanding balance on your account.

This may result in a delay in your transfer over to us and supply start date.

Once the objection with your current supplier has been resolved, please get in touch with us so that we continue the switching process.

When you provide your opening meter readings, we pass them to your previous supplier so they can produce you an accurate final bill and you can settle any outstanding balance that you may have with them. If your previous supplier doesn’t agree with the reading provided, they’ll dispute it. If this happens, we will get in touch with you informing you of the process and next steps.

The industry process in place to resolve this is lengthy and can take up 8 weeks for gas and 14 weeks for electricity. Due to these timeframes, we will keep the opening read you provided as your starting point for your first Utility Point statement.

Once your opening and closing readings have been agreed, there will be a reconciliation between your opening statement with us and your final bill from your previous supplier; so that they are the same number and you are not being double billed for your energy.

If you are in the last 42 days of your contract with your current supplier, they cannot charge an exit fee and you won’t be charged twice for the energy you use.

Your current supplier may write to you before this period informing you that your contract is due to expire and once they have, you may also switch without penalty. They normally do this within 42-49 days prior to your contract expiring. If you’re unsure, it might be worth checking with them.

As these exit fees may not now apply, it might make sense to move earlier onto a cheaper tariff anyway and save you more.

No, we’ll contact your old supplier for you.

When you send us your opening meter readings, we’ll send them to your old supplier so they can close your account and send you a final bill.