Switching Energy Supplier to Utility Point FAQs

All you need to know about switching to Utility Point

Discover all you need to know about switching energy supplier, including how it works, errors, and dealing with your old provider.

Switching your energy supply to Utility Point couldn’t be easier, simply:

1. Get a quote online and pick your perfect tariff, it only takes a couple of minutes
2. Complete our online switching form
3. Sit back and relax as we take it from there

Once you’ve signed UP, we’ll get in touch with your old supplier and arrange a transfer date with them on your behalf.

The only thing we’ll need from you is an opening meter reading, which we’ll need five days before you’re due to come on supply with us. Don’t worry, we’ll send an email reminder, so keep an eye on your inbox.

We’ll keep you updated on what’s happening throughout the process and you can also log in to your online account to track the progress of your switch.

The whole process of switching energy supplier should only take around 21 days, from the day you sign UP to when we switch on your Utility Point energy.

Here’s what happens when you switch energy supplier to Utility Point:

  • Step 1. Once you’ve registered online, we’ll send your Welcome Pack via email within 24 hours. This pack contains your contract, terms and conditions and your expected switch date. It’ll also confirm your direct debit amount and first payment date.
  • Step 2. You’ll have a 14-day ‘cooling-off period’ during which time you’re free to change your mind and cancel your switch without incurring any exit fees.
  • Step 3. We’ll contact your old energy supplier on your behalf and inform them of your request to move over to us.
  • Step 4. Five days before your switch date, we’ll ask you to send us your opening meter readings. We’ll then pass these on to your old supplier so they can generate your final bill.
  • Step 5. Your supply goes live with Utility Point. Hooray!

It’s that simple! Get a quote in minutes.

Switching energy supplier is easier than you might think. As your new supplier, we’ll do all the hard work for you, including contacting your old company to tell them you’re leaving and arranging all the behind-the-scenes details to ensure your switch goes smoothly.

All you’ll need to do once you’ve found your perfect tariff and signed UP, is provide us with an opening meter reading (we’ll tell you when we need this)!

There won’t be any disruption to your supply during the switch and it usually takes around 21 days from when you sign up to officially switching you over to Utility Point energy. We’ll be in regular contact to let you know how everything’s progressing.

No, you do not need to contact your old energy supplier when you switch to Utility Point, we’ll take care of everything for you.

When you send us your opening meter readings (we’ll let you know when we need these), we’ll send them to your old supplier so they can send you a final bill and close your account.

No, you do not need to contact your old energy supplier when you switch to Utility Point, we’ll take care of everything for you.

When you send us your opening meter readings (we’ll let you know when we need these), we’ll send them to your old supplier so they can send you a final bill and close your account.

The meters in your home have a unique number which allows energy suppliers to identify your gas and electricity supply (your electricity meter is assigned an MPAN, or Meter Point Administration Number, and your gas meter an MPRN, or Meter Point Reference Number).

You can find your MPAN and MPRN numbers on your energy statements.

Sometimes suppliers get the numbers wrong which means they switch the wrong home’s gas and/or electricity supply, which is known as an erroneous transfer.

If you think this has happened to you, please let us know as soon as possible (you’ll also need to tell your old supplier). We’ll ask you for a few details so we can get to work switching you back to your old supplier as quickly as possible, usually in around 21 days.

You’ll continue to pay your old supplier as normal while we work on switching you back, just like nothing had happened. We’ll let you know once your energy is back with your old supplier.

Utility Point is signed up to the Erroneous Transfer Customer Charter (ETCC), a voluntary code of conduct ensuring that we promise to protect you if a switch has been initiated by mistake. You should never be out of pocket because of an erroneous transfer.

When you tell us you’d like to switch, it’s important you check through the details we have for you thoroughly. This includes double checking your electricity MPAN and gas MPRN (unique numbers used to identify your energy supply found on your statements) match our records.

If you spot something that doesn’t look quite right, let us know straight away by calling 03455 57 78 78 (option 3) or emailing help@utilitypoint.co.uk. Please include your full name, address, and details of what needs to be put right. 

Objections to switching your energy can happen from time to time, but it’s nothing to worry about and is usually because you’ve been with your old supplier for less than 28 days or there’s an outstanding balance on your account.

If your old energy supplier raises an objection to your transfer to us, we’ll email you to let you know so you can contact them and find out why they’ve objected. Once the problem’s resolved, let us know and we’ll get you switched over.

If Utility Point has objected to your switch, get in touch on 03455 57 78 78 (option 3) or email us at welcome@utilitypoint.co.uk and we’ll help to sort out the problem.

We may have blocked your switch from an auto-switching service because we need to discuss with you whether a transfer is the right option for you.

Companies such as Look After My Bills may have incorrect information regarding your usage, tariff, or renewal date. This may mean they are trying to move you onto a less desirable tariff.

A member of our experienced customer service team will chat through your usage and options, so you can see for yourself if you’re getting a great deal.