Refund Policy

If your Utility Point account is in credit and you’ve been making regular monthly payments for the last 12 months, we will be happy to review your account for a refund.

However, if you been with us for less than 12 months, we recommend you keep the credit on your account to cover your expected consumption for the year. Expenditure is worked out over the course of a whole year, so any energy not used in the warmer months will catch up with you when the weather gets colder. It pays to keep this in mind.

When agreeing your contract with Utility Point, we base your payments on the usage information you provided in your application which helped us to project your expected annual usage and set your payments accordingly. You’ll find that during summer months you will have some credit to cover the higher usage during winter months. Refunding this credit will potentially result in a review of your payments and potentially being increased to cover your consumption for the year.

We have a responsibility to prevent our customers going into deficit/debt and excessive credits and we need regular meter readings so we can have a better understanding of your usage, which in turn allow us to bill you accurately.

Please note, if you are moving home or have changed supplier, we need the final meter readings to generate your final statement prior to us requesting a refund this can take up to 6 weeks however, we will always try to complete this as soon as possible.

If you still want to proceed with a refund, we will need at least 3 meter readings within the last 6 months, and one of those readings to have been provided within the last 28 days. This makes sure you have been billed to accurate usage. Our team will complete a full review of your account factoring in your expected consumption over the remainder of your contract to ensure you do not go into deficit.

We aim to achieve the standards and carry out any actions in a fair, honest, transparent, appropriate and professional manner.